This month, I am featuring two articles about residents in the Active Adult Community of PebbleCreek (a Robson Resort Community)…the “PebbleCreek Quilter’s Club”, and “PebbleCreek Residents of Unit 43 A”.

There is always something to do year-round here in the Active Adult Community of PebbleCreek. You can be as “active” or as “in-active” as you like. These are all well-established groups, but if you don’t see a club you like or one that fits your hobby or need, you have the freedom to create a new club! For a complete list of all of the clubs in PebbleCreek, please click this link.


The ladies in the Quilter’s Club are so talented and experienced, but welcome newcomers too! They work so hard throughout the year and give much of their time and their creations to local charities, one of which is the Arizona Humane Society.

There are always foster dogs waiting to be adopted. These cute dogs might be too young to be adopted, or it could be a mother and her pups; dogs could have had amputations, etc. Until the dogs are fit and ready for adoption, they are placed into foster care. The Humane Society currently has about 200 dogs that are in need of homes. 750 dogs are already in foster care!

The members of the PebbleCreek Quilters save all of the scraps they accumulate from making quilts and other projects. All sizes of beds are sewn and these scraps are also used to stuff the beds. The completed bed is given to the Arizona Humane Society to comfort the foster dogs. When a dog goes to a home, these beds will go with them.

As you can see from the picture below, this little pooch seems pretty happy with the new, comfy bed!




These caring residents helped pack 69,120 meals, called “Manna Packs”, in two hours for “Feed My Starving Children” (FMSC).

What is Manna Pack Rice? Manna Pack Rice is a formula created to meet the nutritional needs of children around the world who are severely malnourished. The vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained within a blend of rice, dehydrated vegetables, and soy nuggets have helped those who have few other means of adequate nutrition to get back onto an adequate dietary track. Each Manna Pack contains rice, soy protein, dried vegetables and vitamins and must weigh between 380 and 400 grams.

Founded in 1987, FMSC provides nutritionally complete pre-packaged dry meals costing less than a quarter each to make. They are funded and assembled by donor-volunteers in the United States.

As volunteers, the PebbleCreek residents wore hairnets and had numerous responsibilities including labeling bags, measuring food, filling, weighing and sealing the bag, and packing and sealing boxes. During the two-hour session, they assisted other community volunteers that filled the local gym of the Verrado High School and packed 320 boxes of Manna Packs. This group was one of four that were organized for the Verrado event where the goal for the weekend was to prepare 350,000 meals. FMSC distributes Manna Packs to 70 countries throughout the world. Summit Community Church sponsored the FMSC Verrado Community Mobile Pack and is one of 11 Mobile Packs held in Arizona in 2017. This is the third year Doug and Roberta Ginter organized PebbleCreek residents living in Unit 43A to assist in this very worthy cause. The Ginters hosted a potluck dinner following the Pack and they are looking forward to next year so they can help do it again! To learn more about FMSC, go to