There are lots of ways to go about house hunting.  But you can waste a lot of time if you don’t put the steps in the right order.  The best way to begin your search is to start with your budget.  Your next step should be to get pre-qualified by a lender.  If you intend to pay cash for your home, you will need “proof of funds” from your bank or institution where your accounts are held.  These are very important steps that will prevent you from looking at houses you can’t afford and being disappointed.

1.  Identify your financial comfort zone. 

How much can you afford to spend each month toward a mortgage payment?  What are the HOA dues per month?  Two very important questions to know before you get started.

2.  Find a good real estate agent!

If you are looking to purchase in PebbleCreek and you landed on my website, you just found your agent!  I have lived in this community for over 15 years and I can provide you with a tour of all our amenities, show you the new models for new construction as well as show you resale homes.  I have also worked in the New Home Sales Office so I know both sides of this market.  Give me a call and let me help you find your home so you can be a part of this great community!

3.  Identify the type of house and lot you want.

Do you want to build a new home or villa, or are you looking for resale?  How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms…do you need a den?  Do you want your yard walled in, do you want a lot on the golf course, or would you like a common area/open area behind your home?  Do you want mostly tile, some carpet or would you prefer wood flooring?  Do you want electric or gas for cooking?  Come prepared with some ideas in mind.  This will help you and your agent be efficient with your time when selecting and viewing homes that fit your criteria.  Get educated about PebbleCreek and the surrounding area.  Go to the link for our community newspaper called the PebbleCreek Post.

See what’s happening in our community!  Once you know a little about what you want and the lifestyle here in PebbleCreek, you’ll have questions and I’ll be ready with the answers.

4.  Start looking at houses online.

This website, is updated throughout each day and will always have every “PebbleCreek” listing for resale homes and villas. You can also search “pending” sales as well as “closed” sales and sort by square footage or price.

It’s easy!  You can then get a feel for the value and trends of the resale homes and how upgrades, landscape and lot location, etc. affect the price.

5.  Bring your list of “wants” and “needs”.

Once you’ve looked at some homes online, do a practice run and make your own list of “pros” and “cons” because that is exactly what we’ll do when you get here!  You’ll get the hang of it and if you take the time to make your checklist, I promise, you won’t feel overwhelmed, you’ll feel empowered!  House hunting should be exciting and if you’re prepared, we can have fun!  It’s not fun when you don’t have the answers and you are feeling helpless!  Let me help…I want to make this a positive experience for you.

6.  Focus on the features you “can’t” change!

Don’t obsess over the color of the paint on the walls.  Forget about the wallpaper, lighting and how someone else has furnished their home.  All of these things can be easily changed!

When looking at resale homes, you need to focus on what “cannot” be changed and will that work for you:

  • The size of the home.  You can always build a casita or addition, but that will take more money.
  • The location of the home.  You can’t change that, so you’d better be happy with it.
  • Distance to work or shopping.
  • HOA restrictions – CC&Rs
  • You can change the paint colors, window treatments, light fixtures and cabinets.  It’s important to focus on the things you can’t change…and that’s what you have to love.

7.  Evaluate the asking price by looking at comps.

You need to evaluate the Seller’s asking price.  Some homeowners price their homes realistically based on recent sales trends.  Others will set the price based on what they need to get out of their home to pay off their mortgage and some homeowners seem to pull numbers out of thin air.  This is why you need to do a little homework and look online.  Not only will you start to understand where your price range is in PebbleCreek, but you’ll also start to become familiar with the different floor plans, and will be able to identify homes and features and can start using your checklist.

I hope this quick guide has been helpful in getting you organized to begin house hunting!

Please call me if you have questions and I’d be happy to “welcome” you and help you find your new

PebbleCreek home!  I look forward to hearing from you!